Exciting upcoming weeks - a prelude to Øredev

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The upcoming weeks looks promising, full of interesting seminars and "geek gatherings" all over Stockholm. In other words, it it's the perfect warmup for the King of Developer Conferences - Øredev in the first week of November.

  Monday / 19th 
 Entity Framework 4.0 (Dotway)
    - Using the cloud for testing (Jayway)

  Tuesday / 20th 
    - Geek Meet with Molly and HTML 5 (Bwin)

  Wednesday / 21th
    -  Limited WIP Society (Kanban) (Avega)

  Thursday / 22th
    - Digital vs Fysiskt (multitouch) (Inuse)

  Monday / 26th
    - Det behövs mer än bara user stories  (Agical, GeekNight) 

-> Fri-day / 2th - 6th
 Øredev (Malmö)


And the best of all... They're all free ( ... well almost all of them :-) )

See you there
/love Carl


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